Two-Tone wooden case

The wooden case is painted with a new pickled finish. This traditional technique gives a unique quality to the object. This is a special Two-tone edition with a "T" key closure.
No two boxes are alike!

Red wooden case

Our leather handled, Wooden shoe cases are hand-crafted and hand-finished and come complete with the essential shoe care kit. Entirely hand-made, the wood is painted with water based colour.

Brown wooden case

An entirely hand made shoe care box, realized with the best beechwood, painted with water based colour.

Red Top wooden case

The Red Top model is completed with the finest accessories. This leather handled, Wooden shoe case is hand-crafted and hand-finished and comes complete with the best shoe care kit.

Walnut wooden case

Walnut wood is warm and rich in color and finishes well, this entirely hand made shoe care box, is realized by the most skilled wood craftsmen, painted and hand-finished with essential oils and beeswax.