The 7 golden rules of Shoe Care

shoe fitting measuring wooden leather hand crafting

Men’s shoes can be quite the investment in your personal style. Taking care of them is more than just grabbing a quick shoe shine at the train station. Add this to the list of skills every man should have. How you care for your shoes involves discipline, forethought, and, yes, a little shoe polish. To this end, I pulled together my 7 golden rules of leather shoe care.

The 7 golden rules of Shoe Care: 
  1. Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row
  2. When you take your shoes off, put your shoetrees in the shoes 
  3. If your shoes get wet, put the shoetrees inside them, put them on their sides and let them dry for at leat two days away from any direct heat source. Then nourish them with a good quality polish shoe cream.
  4. Always use a shoehorn to put on your shoes.
  5. Dust off your shoes before you polish them and deodorise them once a week.
  6. For suede shoes: dust them, clean them with shampoo and a natural sponge and spray them with a natural suede protector
  7. If you change your shoes with the seasons: replace old shoelaces, put the shoetrees in the shoes, nourish them with shoe cream, put them in a cotton bag and store in wooden shoeboxes