Discover the Sneakers Set

Introducing our exclusive Sneakers’ box designed specifically for sneaker enthusiasts like you.  

This kit guarantees the longevity of your sneakers like never before.

60 Years of Experience in the Shoe Industry

Inside this box, we have poured 60 years of experience to make shoe care an absolute delight for you. We want you to thoroughly enjoy the process of taking care of your footwear.

All products are made in Italy, Montegranaro, Le Marche Region. Since 1962.

shoecare kit open

The Calf
Shoe Care kit

We have created this special box to offer you the perfect gift for your shoes. This box helps you to keep your footwear lasting longer than even the  expert shoemaker expected!

The Suede
Shoe Care kit

Suede, being a delicate fabric, requires prompt and careful cleaning. With this box, you can take proactive steps to maintain your suede shoe and keep it in impeccable condition for an extended period.


The Luxury handcrafted


Our laboratory meticulously handcrafts each of our wooden shoehorns, following our unique design, using the most exquisite Italian woods. Every shoehorn is meticulously crafted, one by one, ensuring the utmost attention to detail.

As a limited edition, our horn features a handle adorned with genuine crocodile skin and a real silver ring, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Choose from our range of exquisite wood options, including Walnut, Olive, Cherry, and Ash, to find the perfect complement for your precious shoes.

Basic Calf Kit

We have created this special box to offer you the perfect gift for your shoes. This box helps you to keep your shoes lasting longer than even the expert shoemaker expected!

Basic Suede Kit

Introducing a sophisticated shoe care kit that includes a set of exclusive tools, all housed in a luxurious box designed by Turms.

This special box features a precious red leather handle, adding a touch of exclusivity and elegance to the overall design.