Our Vision

To become a globally recognized leader in luxury shoe care kit and accessories, known for our timeless quality and craftsmanship, while promoting positive values of sustainability and conscious consumerism. 

We aim to challenge the fast fashion culture by emphasizing the importance of preserving and caring for our shoes in an environmentally responsible manner. By valuing durability and quality over disposable trends, we strive to inspire a shift towards a more mindful and sustainable approach to fashion and lifestyle choices. 

Turms' owner with a Shoe Tree

Our Mission

Our mission is to create eco-friendly luxury shoe care kits that preserve the life of leather shoes. We combine traditional craftsmanship with eco-friendly practices and innovative techniques to offer valuable artefacts. Through our expertise and dedication, we strive to exceed customer expectations and contribute to the preservation of shoe traditions.

Turms specializes in crafting high-quality wooden cases and furniture using premium wood sourced from selected and certified forests. We carefully choose the wood from trees that are replanted, ensuring sustainable practices.

Turms achieves the exceptional lightweight nature of the wood by meticulously drying it to reduce humidity content to just 1%. This meticulous drying process ensures that the wooden cases and furniture created by Turms are durable and light.

Firstly Turms actively avoids pollution by using water-based shoe care creams made from natural raw materials. Secondly we use the recycled wood ash to produce pellets to reduce environmental impact because we care about the earth.

green wooden case shoe care with brushes and shoe creams

Our History

Turms was founded in 2009 in Montegranaro, Italy, as a part of the family shoe business Formificio Veregra.

Its aim was to produce excellence while preserving a precious cultural heritage: craftsmanship in danger of extinction. 

For almost 60 years, we have been serving some of the world’s finest shoemakers.

We strive to create something remarkable and authentic, crafting with love to deliver shoe care products of true value.

Mario Chiurchiù, founder of Multiforme in 1962

Turms' founder wearing a suit
Turms Statue

Turms the Herald of the Gods

We have chosen Turms, the messenger of the Etruscan gods and protector of travellers, as our symbol, for his winged sandals and for what the Etruscans taught us.
He acted as an intermediary between the upper world and the Underworld, between humans and the gods, and between the gods themselves.

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