Great histories
never stop

They simply keep moving, in search of the exceptional. Turms was born in 2009, out of the family business Formificio Veregra. Its aim was to produce excellence while preserving a precious cultural heritage: craftsmanship in danger of extinction.

Nature is always the source
of the beautiful

and that’s why we never stop observing it: the charm of our local woods full of beech, ash and oak; they astonish us with their unique and enchanting strength. That wood transforms itself into shoe trees, boxes, brushes and shoehorns through our daily work.

We want to create
something great and genuine

making things with love that have real value.
Since ancient times
essential oils have been considered invaluables we obtain from them the same vegetal sources and use them for shoe care.

Orange peel comes from Grottammare, known in Roman times as la riviera delle arance (‘the orange coast’).

Lavender comes from the fields of Le Marche region which is a leader in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

The beeswax comes from our family bees, something we take personal pride in and which underlines the attention given to things we love.

Our Philosophy

In these times, dominated by disposable consumption

cultivating beauty means reclaiming our time and spreading the value of quality all over the world. It means creating a new culture, made to redescover the never-ending value of manual labour – not just a “click” on a computer, but a human merging of innovation and tradition, creating a new concept of beauty that brings in history, quality and excellence.
It means we have to make a unique product.

We must preserve what we care about most

We have choosen this motto trying to make eternal the values of handmade shoes.  This is our core value: believe in it and let us give you, time after time, our very best.

It is a fascinating journey into the range of the Turms collection

Unique and original products, patented by us, from the Le Marche region. It is a collection of particular items, with special characteristics, making them irreplicable.

Priceless products, made with extraordinary manufacture.

The whole collection is completely eco-friendly and combines respect for nature and for the environment around us.