The art of Shoe care: a guide to Turms products

open box turms shoes wooden brush cream wax

Shoe Care Products

Shoes are in our heart because we were born in the land of shoes: Montegranaro, the Marche region, Italia. 

Here, every basement was a small shoe factory. 
First my father thought about making shoe dreams come true. From the drawings to the wooden molds, we call shoe lasts. 
After the development of great industry, we must think about what comes next. The art of shoe care for the best men’s shoes. 
The art of shoe care was born inside this shoe world, made of all kinds of knowledge, exchange of know-how, shoemakers’ secrets, materials, leathers, tanneries, wood, metal parts, colours, paintings, coatings, shoe creams, mixtures of colors, and alchemies between art and craftsmanship. 

We recollect all the traditions, these histories and know-how to recreate our own collection, made in our factory to preserve this world with our mantra: let’s preserve well what we care about most! 

We have started our activity with the production of shoe trees and clogs in 1962.Throughout the years we have maintained the same knowledge and skill of working the wood, one of the most ancient materials ever used and manufactured by man. Shoetrees are the wooden mould that is placed inside the shoe when not being worn. 


Classic shoetrees

They represent the very same Classic lasts adopted by the great European shoe brands. With more than 30 000 different lasts we have chosen the best model to fit in every shoe. It features a unique bar system with spring to cover more sizes, the molded heel follows the line of the back of the shoe and the front part follows the standards of the width and length. We handcraft our wooden shoe trees in Le Marche, Italy, to our own design, using the finest Italian woods sourced from the Sibillini Mountain National Park.

Universal shoetrees  

They represent the evolution of our shoetrees because there are only two sizes to cover all sizes from 39 to 46. 
They have two screw regulators to adjust the width and one screw to adjust the length. 
The back part of the shoetree is studied to not damage the back part of the shoe, it follows its outline. 
We cut the front part in the middle to enable the screw regulator and spring to cover 4 sizes and adjust their width.
The last is based on the classic regular Classic style. 

Travel shoetrees

Unique in the shoe world. Patented by us! Our Travel Shoe Trees complement our shoe polish cream and shoe brush perfectly, creating a complete shoe care set for your travels. We carefully craft them from specially chosen lightweight woods, undergoing a meticulous woodworking process lasting at least 18 months. Through this process, we ensure effective removal of moisture from the wood, preserving its unique characteristics without causing any damage. 

Our Shoetrees are available in two sizes: Small (size 5 – 9) and Large (size 9 1⁄2 – 12). They feature two screw regulators and a spring mechanism to adjust the width, as well as a telescopic brass stem to customize the length. This allows our shoe trees to accommodate various shoe models and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. 
The very important thing is their last, their model, how they fit inside the shoe, how they cover the upper of the shoe, if they do not damage the width area, the heel counter or the toe box. 

Shoe brushes

We work on each timber lath individually, hand-sanding them to achieve the best contour and perfect ergonomics.
We use water-based coating to allow the colour enter inside the grains of the wood. 
Hand-made shoe brushes: Handmade shoe brush with extra-fine horsehair bristles. The exclusive ergonomic design and the shape of this handle make it unique. The front part is bigger than the back part because the front is wider to buff perfectly the front part of the shoe, the back is smaller to buff the heel and the back part of the shoe. We sew the extra fine horsehair bristles, which are 45 mm in height, in a unidirectional manner.

Rubber shoe brush

The fine rubber comb of our suede brush will gently brush away dust or dirt from your velour leather shoes. We design the wooden handle to provide a better grip, and the natural rubber is meticulously folded into the handle by hand. After using a care product, it will also raise the delicate leather fibers to keep your suede shoes looking like new. 

Suede brush

The hard-bristle suede cleaning brush, in combination with the rubber shoe brush, removes dirt from suede and re-fluffs the suede pile. We make the bristles of the brush from a blend of mixed wild boar and synthetic materials.

Application brush in horsehair bristles (round model or rectangular with handle):  The round application brush’s handle is made by a wood turning lathe machine and it is used to apply shoe cream. The rectangular brush with a wooden handle is utilized either specifically in the area between the edge of the sole and the upper leather or can be used over the entire shoe as an alternative to a polishing cloth. We recommend using the application brush for English brogue shoes or embossed grain leather shoes.

Welt Brush

The wooden handle is studied to reproduce the toothbrush handle for its ergonomics and design. We use the specific mixed bristles exclusively for wax polish application and leather color coverage. It is for the sole edge and the heel.

Shoe polish

Our unique formula is made from natural oils, natural earth pigments and orange peel oil terpenes. The wax is put in the aluminum tin with screw system. 
The shoe polish is made to nourish, waterpoof the leather and cover or hide minor scratch marks. 
Wax polishes have lower pigment concentrations but a high concentration of hard waxes, which allows them to form a smoother layer over the pitted surface of a leather grain. As more carnauba and hard waxes are added it is created an impression of ‘shininess’. So wax polishes do provide a considerable amount of water resistance to your shoe leather – vital for its durability, creating a particular protection shield. 

Shoe creams 

Our unique formula is made from natural oils, natural earth pigments, distilled water, and orange peel oil terpenes. The shoe cream restores the colour vibrancy of the leather and nourishes it. A cream polish plays an important role in keeping a shoe looking always new. You can use every day if the leather is dry. Shoe creams are applied evenly all over the shoe leather to ensure even colouration with an application brush, allowed to dry, then buffed with a horsehair shoe buffing brush to bring out colour and a slight shine. Because shoe cream also moisturizes the leather and gives a new shine to the existing colour of your shoes. 


Our wooden shoehorns are made individually using wood turning machine and by hand through a gouge. We carefully craft them from specially chosen hard woods, such as walnut, cherry, olive, ash wood or beech, undergoing a meticulous woodworking process lasting at least 18 months. 
We pay particular attention on the thickness of the spoon of the shoehorn because if it is too bigger it won’t enter inside the back part of the shoe, if it is too thin it will crash. The handle can be covered with special leathers, and it can be hand-stitched. 

Shoe boxes

Our shoe boxes are patented by us for their opening system and their stackable system. They can become a unique shoe rack. 
They are worked starting from each timber of wood that is cut to create the uniformity of grains and effects for each shoe box. 
The shoe can be perfectly stored during the seasonal wardrobe change because it breathes thanks to the special space left on the back part of the box. 

Shoe deodorizer

For all liquids we have adopted the aluminum bottle with aluminum spray No-gas. Natural lavender essential oil and peppermint essence. It has a long-term effect, and it sanitizes the insole and eliminates bad odors, bacteria and guarantees freshness inside it. 

Natural suede protector
Shoe Deodorizer

Suede Protector

The Suede Protector is suitable for use on suede or nubuck leather to nourish and to brighten it. It provides water-resistance and with its tannin, and resins prevents cracks as well as suede fading. 

Natural suede protector
Suede Protector

Shoe shampoo with natural sea sponge

The shampoo is made of natural soap, almond oil, and lanoline. The natural sea sponge has a high effective cleaning effect on stains and marks in suede or nubuck shoes.  

Sneakers shampoo turms
Shoe shampoo with natural sea sponge

Leather sole solution

It is formulated with the natural grease and oils removed during the tanning process. It comes complete with a natural sea sponge. This formula penetrates, nourishes, softens, and waterproofs the leather soles along with our natural polish wax. 

Leather Sole solution turms
Leather Sole Solution

Shoe Footstool

The footstool made from the finest woods is composed of different pieces, cut one by one in different sizes and forms. 
It is studied for the shop retail or for home where a person can brush its shoe and contains all shoe care accessories for leather and for suede shoes. 

Shoe valet

The most representative item of the collection. We start from the selection of the best Italian timber lath to take the best workable piece to assemble one by one to create a wooden masterpiece. 
The miter joint gives the right strength where the ends of the wood meet a 45°- degree angle. It is strengthened with fingers like a comb, creating a lock-miter joint. 
The solid brass hinges are used to allows the top of the valet in 90 degrees. 
Different techniques are used to create different kinds of styles or effects on the woods. 
It comes complete with all shoe care accessories. 

Leather items

We work the best natural cow leather full vegetable tanned. We hand cut it we colour it by hand and we hand-stitch it creating our own original design pieces. They are studied for people who want to have their shoe care kit with them.